Project Award – Water Network Improvement Plan for SYABAS, Malaysia

Crowder have recently been awarded a key water network planning project for SYABAS with Jalur Cahaya, our partner in Malaysia.  

SYABAS is the private operator of the Selangor state and Kuala Lumpur water distribution network which serves a population of 7.3 million.  In recent years, SYABAS have invested into creating 1,100 DMAs covering over 60% of their network. The work was carried out by Jalur Cahaya under their NRW contract and involved the implementation of Crowder’s Netbase system. 

The project entails analyses, investigations, and the development of an underground asset planning model of future capital and operational expenditure in the network. The project will concentrate on mains replacement, pressure management and active leakage reduction strategies, particularly outside of DMAs. The main measures (serviceability and performance indicators) of the project and of future investment programmes will be burst disruptions, pressure management and real loss reductions. 

The project activities, leading to the network improvement plan and involving the use of the Netbase spatial system, include:

  • Network modelling of pipe failure consequences and of pressure management strategies
  • Pipe failure and performance analysis for prioritising mains replacement strategies
  • Strategic network connectivity schematics and water balance analysis for ALC strategies 

The contract commences May 2011

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