Smart Water Networks Conference 2016


First Ever WWT Smart Water Networks Conference

WWT’s first ever Smart Water Networks Conference was held this year on 17th March in Birmingham. The main focus of the event was for delegates to gain insight into the smart innovations currently happening within the water network management sector, an important factor with the industry and world in general becoming increasingly technologically orientated. The conference also sought to inform delegates of the business benefits of smart water networks and thinking ‘smart’ as a business strategy.

The afternoon sessions explored the potential for novel data solutions in both drinking and waste water. Innovation in data is increasingly important with the proliferation of ‘Big Data’ - data sets that are so large or complex, traditional data processing applications are inadequate. With water company’s steadily investing in the concept of smart water networks, there is an increase in measurements of various aspects of the water network, leading to an increase in the amount of data water company’s need to effectively handle and analyse.

Crowder Consulting sent four delegates to the conference, to find out about the current and future trends in the Smart Water Network sector, including new approaches to data analysis.

One of Crowder Consulting’s Senior Engineers, Francisco Piedade, found Welsh Water’s session on the use of Smart technology to engage customers and cut costs particularly useful. “The conference has given me lots of new ideas that I can apply to Crowder Consulting’s Water Network Management Software, Netbase, in particular the Alarms & Events application.”

David Kirby, Project Manager at Crowder Consulting and conference delegate found the conference very informative. “The conference showcased various projects and examples of smart innovation, and gave me confidence that the innovative solutions in development at Crowder Consulting are what the industry needs.”

Netbase – Crowder Consulting’s Water Network Management Software

Crowder Consulting are specialists in water network management, with many years experience in providing services to major water utilities and supporting their journey towards Smart Networks. We have built up our knowledge and experience of the infrastructure, technologies, regulations and practices that enable us to be leaders in this field. We utilise Netbase, our core product, to provide the current operational and monitored status of a water network and support the wide range of network management, NRW, operational performance and modelling activities water utilities wish to undertake.

The Netbase Water Network Management System represents the client water operator’s water supply and distribution network with all associated date series, spatial and time series data. Netbase is a multi-user system and fully supports many users on the local network and through remote access. The system is fully spatial and incorporates the ILOG GIS component, enabling spatial analysis and maps, and can also be implemented as non-spatial, using the hierarchy of network areas to navigate around the database.

To find out more about Netbase, you can visit the Netbase section of our website.