Water Loss Asia 2022

8th to 10th November was the 9th annual Water Loss Asia virtual event. One of our directors, Tom Crowder, spoke on Day 2 (9th Nov) of the conference about “Applying Best Practice to DMA Leakage Reduction Projects using Smart Solutions and Technologies”. In the past 2 years, we have delivered 8 leakage reduction projects across 42 DMAs, reducing leakage by over 10 Megalitres per day.  Successful DMA leakage reduction projects require an end-to-end management approach to sustainably reduce leakage and maintain lower leakage levels. The reduction of leakage in the DMAs may require several survey cycles of detection and repair, that involves re-visiting areas of interest until satisfactory reductions are achieved. This presentation summarises an overall approach to DMA Leakage reduction projects and provides insight on innovative techniques applied to reduce leakage in problematic DMAs.


On Day 3 (10th Nov), Tom Crowder and Sharif Elnagar presented a paper on “Advances in NRW Software to Integrate Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence” as part of a Workshop session on “Enhancing NRW Management through Advanced AI and IoT”. This virtual session allowed us to share case studies of our experiences of implementing NRW software and leveraging smart technologies to improve ongoing projects. The virtual session was well received and we look forward to the 10th annual conference where we can hopefully attend in person.