Reduce the Problem of Network Leaks through Advanced Leak Detection and Analysis

At Crowder Consulting, our dynamic teams are experts in leak detection within water networks, with a multi-skilled field team which specialises in leakage investigation and an engineering team that is dedicated to analysis, planning, and management.

Our commitment to innovation has led us to establish cutting-edge investigation and detection processes, which incorporate the latest equipment and technologies for faster, more reliable results every time.

Leakage Detection - flow process

We’re Committed to your Success

By choosing us for your leak detection and management needs, you can be confident of a tailored service designed to deliver fast and effective results.

  • Proven success: With Crowder's support, major water operators across the world have witnessed significant reductions in leakage. Our structured approach and methodology ensure efficient leakage detection and pinpointing of leaks in designated areas of interest.
  • Data-driven insights: We collect data from the field and conduct in-depth analysis to support our investigations, with results presented in easy-to-reference slide decks, enabling clear communication and informed decision-making.
  • Precise leakage analysis: Our team conducts leakage analysis for each district area, utilising Night Flows and Water Balance analyses. We set achievable reduction targets, leveraging snapshot ILIs and high-level models to estimate investigation timelines and predict the number of leaks for repair, benefiting our client water operators.
Leakage Detection - ground mic
Leakage Detection - Total reduction

Advanced Tracking and Integration

Advanced tracking and integration underpin our leak detection and management services, utilising web-based tools and a transparent standard methodology for comprehensive efficiency:

  • Web-based tools: Our leakage investigation activities are efficiently planned and tracked through web-based desktop and mobile applications. For clients with Netbase, we utilise the NetOps web application, providing real-time connection and information feedback from our field team and facilitating analysis that supports further field activities.
  • Standard methodology: To calculate the leakage benefit of individual repairs and assess the overall leakage reduction achieved, we employ a standard methodology which ensures transparency and accountability.
Leakage Detection - Leakage activities

Embracing Technology

Because we recognise the importance of embracing technological solutions, we invest in state-of-the-art technology to enhance the effectiveness of our leakage investigations.

For example, we utilise NB-IoT correlating noise loggers to enable permanent monitoring of areas within a district area during our investigations.

Improve your Leak Management with Crowder Consulting

To learn more about how our leak detection services can revolutionise and improve your approach to water network efficiency, please contact Crowder Consulting today, and our experienced team will be pleased to assist you.