Enhanced the Performance of Water Networks through Detailed Analysis

Network operators worldwide face the dual responsibility of meeting high standards while complying with government regulations. To achieve this, operators must continually explore and enhance every aspect of their water networks, striving for improved performance and strategic growth.

Our Role as Water Industry Consultants

As a trusted partner to water operators across the world, we engage in a range of projects to support their strategic objectives and develop practical solutions to problems. Our involvement spans short-term assignments to long-term collaborations on large-scale initiatives. By utilising our extensive industry expertise in water network domains, fieldwork resources, data science analytics, and software proficiency, we tackle diverse projects, including:

  • Regulatory and management analyses: Assessing the impacts of regulatory or management changes on leakage reporting.
  • Leakage reduction studies: Conducting technical and economic evaluations of leakage and non-revenue water (NRW) reduction strategies, prioritising water conservation.
  • Resource assessments: Evaluating operational resources dedicated to leakage management and exploring new initiatives.
  • Smart meter data analysis: Evaluating tactical smart meter data to identify consumption patterns, location-based effects, and seasonal variations.
  • Consumption monitoring: Continuously monitoring and analysing both domestic and non-domestic water consumption, including night-time usage.
  • Demand estimation models: Maintaining per-household and per-capita monitoring and consumption models to estimate demand.
  • Advanced consumption analysis: Employing advanced models to study consumption patterns and trends in zones and district areas, considering usage types and seasonal variations.
  • Fast logging programs: Implementing rapid logging programs for District Metered Areas (DMAs) and analysing leakage and night-time usage.
  • Asset and performance modelling: Evaluating pipe assets and DMA performance, providing engineering options, cost assessments, and benefits to inform water network plans.
Specialist network studies and analyses

Leveraging Netbase Data

Netbase Water Network Management System is a dynamic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which provides network operators with effective ways to improve network performance and service delivery.

With access to Netbase data and digital services cloud data, water operators can gain comprehensive, integrated network and consumption data crucial for specialist studies and initiatives. Routine updates in Netbase offer essential network statistics, DMA supply, leakage insights, and customer consumption data.

These applications provide a robust foundation for executing and managing projects successfully, utilising asset and area performance tools, hydraulic modelling, and thematic maps.

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