Production Planning course consists of 2 classroom sessions with access to an eLearning course. This course will provide knowledge on scheduling production of water from a Water Company’s portfolio of Water Treatment Works (WTWs), to meet demand, sustainably, at the lowest cost. This course is designed for the classroom however can be delivered remotely, if necessary. The sessions encourage group participation through the slides and knowledge check questions. After these sessions, participants can self-study via the Crowder eLearning platform, where the slides are housed, and an assessment is carried out. A certificate can be obtained once this course is completed.

15 hours Learning Duration:

  • 12 hours classroom training
  • 3 hours individual eLearning course


  • Water Resource Management Plans
  • The Production Planning Process
  • Demand & Supply
  • Reservoir Levels
  • Water Abstraction
  • Control of Planned Outages
  • Marginal Cost of Water (MCOW)
  • Power & Chemical Costs
  • Resource Allocation Models
  • Implementing the Plan
Production Planning