Optimising the Management of your Water Network

At Crowder Consulting, we understand the challenges that water operators face in managing their networks effectively. Water is a precious resource, and its efficient management is essential for the well-being of communities and the environment.

That's why we've developed the Netbase Water Network Management System, a cutting-edge solution that revolutionises how water networks are planned, managed, and optimised.

Why Choose the Netbase Water Network Management System?

As a pioneer of water network management systems, we are proud to be the leading provider of effective solutions for water operators. Our system is designed to be the digital twin of your water network, offering a comprehensive set of tools and features to enhance your network management, planning, and operational activities.

Netbase Water Network Management System

Key features:

  • Data hub: A continuously updated data hub integrating information from various water operator systems. This hub encompasses essential data related to network assets, areas, customers, metered data, monitored data, and network events, providing a wealth of data that is the foundation for powerful analytics and insights.
  • Network information: Users can access and visualise network information through maps, views, schematics, and dashboards via an intuitive interface that promotes easy navigation and enhanced understanding of your water network.
  • Data analysis: Netbase enables you to review and analyse meter flow data, pressure monitoring, tank levels, and pumping data across your entire network. Graphical tools, maps, and schematics make it easy to gain valuable insights.
  • Demand analysis: Our system provides a daily update on customer consumption, allowing you to monitor demand across different areas and districts – data that is crucial for balancing water supply and demand.
  • Leakage analysis: Netbase conducts daily analyses of water supply (DI) and non-revenue water (NRW) or leakage to identify and rectify network inefficiencies promptly.
  • Incident monitoring: Abnormal meter flows, pressures, and tank levels are monitored daily, enabling early awareness and immediate actions to address incidents and events in your network.
  • Abstraction analysis: We offer detailed analyses and reporting on water abstraction, ensuring compliance with abstraction licenses.

Solutions for Specialist Applications

In addition to the core features, the Netbase Water Network Management System provides specialist applications that empower water network programmes and initiatives:

  • Network schematics: Build network schematics linked to Netbase network data and apply them to Upstream Network analyses.
  • Hydraulic models: Create, update, and apply hydraulic models with Netbase network data to simplify network data processes and optimise model maintenance.
  • Performance analysis: Assess the performance of areas and assets within your network.
Netbase Specialist Applications 2

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