eLearning - Leakage Detection Foundation: Standard


Standard Leakage Detection course for those who are new to the water industry or may need further knowledge and development of their skills. Upon completion, participants will have a better understanding of leak detection and, as leak detection technicians, will contribute towards the sustainability of water and the environment. A certificate can be obtained once this course is completed. Approximately 12 hours Learning Duration.


  1. Essentials
  2. Water Network Assets
  3. Metal Detector
  4. Chlorine Testing
  5. Hydrant Operations
  6. Sounding (listening stick)
  7. Acoustic Logging
  8. Leak Correlator
  9. Ground Microphone
  10. Pipe Tracing
  11. CSL Investigations
  12. Understanding Leakage
  13. Leak Raising
eLearning - Leakage Detection Foundation - Standard
Practitioner Standard classroom training

eLearning - Leakage Detection Foundation: Advanced

Advanced Leakage Detection course for those who have experience and a good understanding of the water industry. The course provides insight into innovative methods of leak detection and measuring water loss. Participants will be equipped with theoretical and technical knowledge which can be applied to their roles as field technicians. A certificate can be obtained once this course is completed. Approximately 12 hours Learning Duration.


  1. Pressure Logging
  2. Pressure Zero Tests
  3. Step Testing
  4. Boundary Valve Validation
  5. Meter Flush Tests
  6. Meter Element Exchange
  7. Insertion Flow Probes
  8. Water Meters, Pulse Units and AMR
  9. Understanding Leakage
  10. Pressure Management
eLearning - Leakage Detection Foundation - Advanced

Leakage Detection Practitioner: Standard


Leakage Detection Practitioner: Standard course is for those with experience in leakage detection, seeking to consolidate their practical skills and understanding. This two-day course follows on from the Foundation training and includes 1-day classroom style training and 1-day on-site coaching and assessments.  

The classroom training covers many technical aspects of leakage detection which is reinforced in the one-to-one coaching and assessments. A certificate can be obtained once this course is completed.

15 hours Learning Duration:

  • 7.5 hours Group Classroom Training
  • 7.5 hours Individual On-site Coaching & Assessments
Practitioner Oman


  1. Introduction
  2. Leakage Detection Overview
  3. Water Network Assets
  4. Metal Detector
  5. Chlorine Testing
  6. Hydrant Operations
  7. Sounding
  8. Correlation Theory
  9. Leak Correlator
  10. Acoustic Logging
  11. Ground Microphone
  12. Pipe Tracing 
  13. CSL Investigations
  14. Leakage Detection Innovations
Leakage Detection Practitioner - Standard activity competency