Tailored Solutions to Drive Water Network Efficiency

NetOps is an operational and situational awareness web application for office-based analysts, planners, and field personnel dedicated to various water network activities. Our platform provides staff with valuable real-time insights, displaying the current network status with all the essential information operators need to streamline their activities.

With NetOps, you can achieve remarkable efficiency improvements and cost savings across your analysis, planning, and execution of operational tasks.

NetOps - Smart Water Network Application

NetOps Explore: The Core Application for Enhanced Water Network Operations

At the heart of our platform is NetOps Explore, an intuitive and extendible application that is adaptable for different types of network operational activities, whether you’re managing advanced water solutions or providing minimum service standards.

With NetOps Explore, you’ll benefit from:

  • Seamless navigation: Managers, analysts, and operators can effortlessly navigate and display mains, boundaries, monitoring points, network areas, customer connections, and network data using Google Maps, empowering operational management activities.
  • Enhanced data access: Access and display meter flows, monitored pressures, and tank levels for all monitored areas, assets, and customers.

Extendible NetOps Modules

With NetOps extendible modules, you can unlock the full potential of your water network operations, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Smart technology integration: Extended modules of NetOps introduce smart technology data from acoustic loggers, adding satellites and sensors and providing essential tools for real-time planning, management, and activity tracking.
  • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly integrate NetOps with your work management system to quickly raise jobs, whether at your desktop or on the move.
  • NetAlytics integration: Extend NetOps modules to receive NetAlytics outputs, offering invaluable insights into activity status and priorities within specific network areas.

The Extendible NetOps modules comprise of:

  • NetOps Downstream (DMAs): Targeted for leakage detection interventions, repair, and leakage reduction tracking and support activities.
  • NetOps Upstream (TMAs): Focused on Trunk Mains Areas (TMAs) investigations and leakage management.
  • NetOps Supply (Zones): Supports responses to network incidents and interruptions across the water network.
NetOps Downstream Enhancements

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At Crowder Consulting, we believe that water network efficiency is the key to effective water conservation, lower costs, and reliable access to clean water for communities and industries in the UK and overseas.

If you would like to find out more about how NetOps can optimise your water network operations and how we can support your business to improve its efficiency, please get in touch with Crowder Consulting today for more information.