Bridging the Gap Between Water Operators and their Data

At Crowder Consulting, we specialise in bridging the gap between water operators and their data by seamlessly connecting corporate and cloud systems to Netbase, our industry-leading digital services platform for water companies.

Our Industry Experience

Over more than 30 years, we have provided expert consultancy and professional fieldwork services to the global industry in the UK, China, Brazil, and the Philippines, amongst others. We have partnered with numerous water operators to enhance their data management capabilities and improve their insights into their network’s performance.

Our expertise lies in the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes, which play a pivotal role in ingesting corporate and cloud systems data into Netbase. As technology evolves and new cloud data sources emerge, our ETL processes have adapted to meet these challenges.

Supplier APIs

Netbase implementation includes pre-built connectors that facilitate the ingestion of time-series data from major equipment suppliers such as OSI PI, Halma Datagate, and Technolog WaterCore. These connectors seamlessly pull data via the supplier APIs, ensuring a smooth flow of information.

Bespoke Imports

For on-premises Netbase implementations, we offer bespoke interfaces that enable the ingestion of corporate systems data from the infrastructure of your water network. These interfaces are highly adaptable and can work with various data sources, including file-based extracts, direct database connections, and third-party integration tools like FME, Oracle GoldenGate, and Microsoft SSIS.

Connecting to Corporate Cloud Systems Data Bespoke Imports
Connecting to Corporate Cloud Systems Data Standard Endpoints

Standard Endpoints

Netbase SaaS provides out-of-the-box API endpoints that feed standard import tables such as Telemetry, GIS, Customer Billing, Work Management, and Customer Contacts. You have the flexibility to choose between two options:

Our commitment to connecting corporate and cloud systems data to Netbase is underpinned by our dedication to providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each water operator. We understand that data integration is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer a range of options to suit your business’s specific needs.

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At Crowder Consulting, our team of experts will guide you towards a more efficient and effective data management solution to give you better water network performance insights and the data to make more informed decisions. To find out more, please contact Crowder Consulting today.