Optimising Water Conservation in District Areas (DMAs)

At Crowder Consulting, we specialise in advanced leak management within District Areas (DMAs) and provide tailored solutions to optimise water distribution, reduce losses, and enhance network efficiency.

Effective Leak Management in Water Networks

At Crowder Consulting, we know how complex the infrastructures of water networks are and what can cause leakage, whether it be through ageing pipes, corrosion or poor construction. 

Our approach to leak management is to maximise the benefits for the water company in relation to the status of its network, whether it has been improved, is fully monitored, and whether it does or doesn’t have established DMAs.

Leak Management in district areas

If DMAs are established, a number of initiatives must be maintained to reduce leakage, including:

  • Interpreting and applying the outputs of regular water balance and leakage analyses for each DMA.
  • Monitoring night flows and night use in each DMA and leakage control areas within them. 
  • Carrying out Leakage and repair campaigns.
  • Introducing pressure-managed areas and Pressure Control Valves (PCVs).
  • Improving the operability of DMAs.
  • Improving the efficiency of DMA boundaries.

If DMAs are not established, these strategies can be implemented to reduce leaks:

  • Conducting strategic analyses and reporting for determining consumptions, real losses, and the Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI).
  • Implementing daily flow and night flow measurements with permanent and temporary meters.
  • Detection and repair programmes using smart technologies.
  • Investigations, monitoring, hydraulic modelling analyses, and design for establishing DMAs.

Why Choose Crowder Consulting?

Our team of experienced consultants can play a valuable role in improving your leak management strategy, whether DMAs are established or not, by utilising our extensive industry experience, skills, and cutting-edge software.

  • A highly skilled team of experts with extensive industry leak management experience in DMAs.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology to ensure our customers have real-time information about network status and issues.
  • Cutting-edge analysis, reporting, and operational support solutions, including Netbase.
  • Training and skills development for your team to equip them with the knowledge they need to manage the network more efficiently.

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