Futureproof your Water Network through Effective Strategic Data Solutions

Smart meters are the basis for effective water management for water companies. Through remote reading and frequent automated daily usage reports, smart meters provide invaluable data for network operators to improve the accuracy of billing, enhance consumer awareness of conservation, and support the development of tactical water management.

Our tactical smart meter data solutions offer the tools and insights water companies need to optimise their operations, reduce water loss, and ensure a sustainable water future. We integrate smart meter data capture with our Netbase Digital Solutions to facilitate better management of water resources and reduce losses through enhanced leak detection.

Tactical Smart Meter Data Solutions

How Smart Meter Data Solutions can Transform your Water Management

  • Precise real-time billing: Smart meters are the basis for more accurate billing, ensuring customers are charged for their exact water usage rather than incorrect or misleading assumptions.
  • Enhanced sustainability: Customers can monitor their own water consumption and engage in water conservation strategies to reduce their bills and eradicate the careless use of precious resources.
  • Tactical use: Data can be collected daily to help water companies determine total consumption volumes at day and night in specific zones or DMAs (District Metered Areas), thereby improving strategic planning to meet fluctuations in demand.
  • Leakage estimates: By analysing data captured by smart meters, water companies can estimate customer-side leakage easily and accurately, facilitating targeted strategies to reduce losses and save money.
  • Optimise water resource management: Our tactical solutions empower water companies to meet optimising water management challenges head-on, mitigating the problems of soaring populations and climate change.

The Power of Netbase Integration

Our tactical solutions are designed to make the most of smart meter data by seamlessly integrating it with other consumption data streams in the Netbase Digital Services platform. We extract maximum value from the data by applying advanced data analysis within the software. Also, we use smart meter data in combination with weather and climate data to gain a full understanding of consumer consumption patterns for dynamic water management. 

This provides you with essential information about data water balance calculations and is crucial for accurate leakage analysis, helping address the water loss problems and take swift action to minimise costs.

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Discover the benefits of our Tactical Smart Meter Data Solutions

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