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At Crowder Consulting, we understand the importance of network analytics in the water industry. With NetAlytics, you’ll get an incisive understanding of network performance and consumer demand, enabling your water company to allocate resources, reduce losses, and improve service levels to ensure communities benefit from a clean and sustainable supply of water.

Dynamic Consumption and Demand

NetAlytics Dynamic Consumption and Demand

Water networks are complex systems comprising various zones, District Areas  (DMAs), flow and pressure monitoring, and customer meters; with rising demand, it is imperative that precious water resources are efficiently managed and deployed while meeting the needs of consumers.

NetAlytics utilises multiple data sources, including network-monitored data, customer measurements, smart meters, and unmeasured consumption data, which are captured and updated in Netbase. Integrated daily analytics provide valuable insights into daily volumes, night use, customer types, and weather conditions which empowers network operators to reliably understand consumptions and demand and improve leak management and resource planning.

Benefits of NetAlytics Dynamic Consumption and Demand:

  • Assess the impact of smart metering programs.
  • Estimate leakage by factoring in daily variations in consumption.
  • Identify and address leakage points.
  • Enhance demand modelling.
  • Predict daily and weekly demand.
  • Strategically plan g water-use reduction.

NetAlytics Upstream Network (Trunk Mains Areas) Analyses

Netbase's network schematics depict an upstream network, including bulk meters, pressure monitoring points, and connectivity models. NetAlytics Upstream evaluates the performance of the upstream network by analysing meter and demand balances, trunk mains area status, meter reliability, and boundary integrity. These analyses are based on the network schematics, maintained from source data, and are used to define 'Tiles' for regular reporting and aggregation.

NetAlytics Upstream Network Analyses empowers water companies to:

• Regularly report on anomalies and leakage in trunk mains areas.
• Conduct accurate network balance assessments.
• Utilise analysis scorecards for meter and water balance reliability.
• Identify excess balances for targeted leakage reduction.
NetAlytics Upstream Network (Trunk Mains Areas) Analyses

NetAlytics Downstream Network (District Areas) Total Leakage

Long-term leakage and Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction programs depend on advanced network improvements and sectorisation into district areas, with monitoring systems for supply, demand, and loss analysis.

Netbase is the foundation for these programs, offering daily analyses of supply, demand, background losses, and excess losses in every district area. NetAlytics Total Leakage dives deeper, combining background and excess leakage data with pipe infrastructure details, burst history, and smart technology data, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of leakage, its location, and how it can be effectively targeted.

  • In-depth insights into leakage across all districts.
  • Grouping DMAs by characteristics for targeted interventions.
  • Daily and weekly prioritisation for leakage interventions.
  • Strategic analyses for leakage reduction planning.


NetAlytics Downstream Network (district areas) Total Leakage
NetAlytics Downstream Network (district areas) Total Leakage

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