Adopting a Systematic Approach to Optimising Upstream and Trunk Mains Performance

As a partner for your business, our team of experienced consultants are dedicated to helping you optimise the efficiency and performance of upstream water networks, focusing specifically on trunk mains. These crucial components transport water from its sources and treatment facilities to district areas (DMAs) and customer delivery points

How we can support you:

  • Meter and demand balances: Defining and analysing meter and demand balances in trunk mains areas to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Utilising field data: Applying upstream analyses in conjunction with additional field data on meters and boundaries to enhance accuracy.
  • Dashboard reports: Review outputs and score indicators in dashboard reports with client water operator teams to determine actionable steps.
  • Meter flow analysis: Assessing meter flow data and boundary status to optimise network performance.
  • Leakage intervention: Identifying suitable techniques for leakage intervention in trunk mains areas.
  • Network reporting: Aggregating and reporting on trunk mains areas in zones and the network as a whole and to track improvements.
  • Field investigations: Conducting field investigations of boundary valves and meters, providing valuable feedback for network enhancement.
  • Continuous monitoring: Implementing ongoing monitoring and reporting to gauge improvements in network performance and leakage reduction.
NetAlytics Upstream Network (Trunk Mains Areas) Analyses 1-1

The Crowder Consulting Approach

We pride ourselves on implementing a systematic approach that leverages network schematics and NetAlytics analyses to drive results. Our process involves translating analysis outputs into actionable targets, activities,  strategic interventions and regulatory reporting for the whole network.

We integrate state-of-the-art technology, including Netbase network schematics and the NetAlytics Upstream analyses application, to ensure your water network operates at its best.

This enables us to prioritise actions for investigation and targeted leakage intervention by focusing on resolving inefficiencies and promptly identifying genuine leaks, allowing for efficient detection and repair.

Our end-to-end cyclic processes include meter and demand balances, monitoring the operational status of trunk mains areas, ensuring meter availability and reliability and maintaining the integrity of network boundaries to finely tube your water network for optimum performance.

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