Supporting Water Operators to Secure Future Water Supplies and Adapt to Climate Change

At Crowder Consulting, we understand that water operators are facing the growing pressures of supplying demand, population growth and the effects of climate change regarding water availability. This requires a strategic focus on resource optimisation and management, which encompasses reducing consumption and minimising water leaks. We are committed to working closely with network operators to drive water efficiency projects and empower customers to make sustainable choices that reduce their consumption and save money.

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How we’ll help you Improve your Water Efficiency

At Crowder Consulting, we have designed and led water efficiency projects in partnership with water operators to encourage customers to reduce their consumption and save money. In our campaigns, we communicate with customers through a combination of direct mail, media engagement, and interaction with community groups to showcase the benefits of water consumption.

Our Water Efficiency Projects Include:

•  Conducting customer perception studies to determine the best approach to water efficiency projects.

•  Communicating and engaging with customers and community groups.

•  Organising visits to see domestic and business customers to install water-saving devices.

•  Using customers’ meter readings and logged metered data to assess the impact of water savings.

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