Improving Network Performance through High Quality Hydraulic Modelling

At Crowder Consulting, we specialise in providing expert hydraulic modelling services for water networks. Hydraulic modelling plays a crucial role in the planning and operating of water networks, offering valuable insights into pipe flows, pressures, and network behaviour under different conditions.

Our services

We utilise specialist knowledge, tools, and processes to produce and maintain preliminary and advanced hydraulic models. Each process is applied according to the particular circumstances of the water operator’s network status and data to ensure accurate and dependable results that actively impact the efficiency and performance of the network.

Hydraulic Modelling of water networks 1

We can support you through:

  • Model building/updating: We construct highly accurate hydraulic models using industry-leading modelling software, such as EPANET, InfoWorks WS Pro, Synergi Liquid and WaterGEMS. The process involves the capture and integration of data from GIS, assets systems, billing systems and telemetry.
  • Demand analysis: We carry out accurate modelling of demand, incorporating data from billing systems, customer monitoring, and smart meters to predict demand and ensure the optimisation of the water network to meet needs.
  • Model field tests: We assess and plan the field testing required for calibrating or validating hydraulic models. Plans incorporate existing monitoring sites and temporary locations for accurate pressure logging.
  • Data processing: The monitored data will be checked for validity with water balance and falling heads analyses for verifying the hydraulic models.
  • Calibration and verification: The validated monitored data will be used to ensure model accuracy through calibration and verification of modelled outputs with monitored flows and pressures from with real-world data.
  • Hydraulic analysis: Creating model scenarios for network performance assessment, DMA (District Metered Area) design, pressure management, operational optimisation, and capital works planning.

    We have developed a comprehensive life cycle solution in the Netbase Hydraulic Model Manager Application  which streamlines processes and enables water operators to work with standardised data and reduce the costs associated with model rebuilding. This is especially important to improve performance, enhance overall efficiency, and for meeting levels of consumer demand.

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