Netbase Training

With an implementation of Netbase or during an upgrade to a new version, Crowders will organise training that will be carried out on the client database. Training can be carried out in person or virtually depending on the requirements of the project. This is a great opportunity for Netbase users to get exposure to the database and ask the subject matter experts. The training sessions include client specific slide decks and exercises on the relevant Netbase Applications. These can be tailored to suit the access users have to Netbase i.e. Read Only, Edit and Admin access. We can also adapt the materials to suit the time available, as we can do 1-day courses on core application, to full admin training on every application which is delivered over a 2-week period.

Netbase Training Oman

Netbase eLearning courses

Our Netbase eLearning Courses are housed on our eLearning platform, LearnUpon. We have created online training courses to compliment the live training that is delivered in classroom or remotely. Users will have access to Netbase eLearning courses via their unique dashboard. These courses are assigned on an individual basis, so only receive the courses and modules specific to the user role. All the courses consist of a course overview, the classroom material such as the client specific slide deck and handout. The individuals can then take their time and work their way through video tutorials which demonstrate step by step tutorials on a Netbase database. These video tutorials are accompanied by helpful annotations. Each course involves a short knowledge check exam which helps to identify areas where individuals may need further training. A certificate of attainment can then be downloaded.

eLearning courses are available for the following:

Netbase Applications 

  1. Main Interface
  2. Map
  3. LATIS
  4. Summary Data
  5. Water Balance
  6. Configuration Tool
  7. Reporting
  8. NetConn
  9. CDM
  10. Campaigns
  11. Alarms & Events
  12. Web Dashboard
Netbase eLearning courses