Improving Efficiency and Sustainability through Effective Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction

As populations grow and urbanisation increases, the demand for water rises, increasing the need for sustainable, pressurised water supplies. Unfortunately, a significant portion of available water resources is lost due to leakage, inefficiency, over-abstraction, and changing weather patterns.

By working with Crowder Consulting to reduce leakage and NRW, you will be able to optimise the water network and benefit from:

  • Resource conservation: Preserve precious water resources by minimising losses through leakage and inefficiency.
  • Energy efficiency: Reducing non-revenue water lowers the energy consumption required for water treatment and distribution.
  • Economic savings: Water utilities can substantially reduce operational costs by curbing non-revenue water, translating into lower water bills for consumers.
  • Enhanced sustainability: NRW reduction contributes to sustainable water management, aligning with environmental and conservation goals
  • Improved service: By reducing non-revenue water, network operators ensure consistent, pressurised water supply, meeting the increasing demands of growing populations and urbanisation.
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Our Expertise

At Crowder Consulting, we have extensive experience assisting international water operators at various stages of their NRW reduction programmes. Our services encompass a comprehensive approach, including network restructuring, smart metering installation, analytical systems implementation, and the execution of NRW reduction strategies.

Key Aspects of Our NRW Support:

  • Water supply demand audits: We conduct audits and assessments in compliance with international water industry standards.
  • NRW reduction strategies: Our team specialises in developing interim and long-term strategies to reduce your NRW.
  • Bulk metering planning: We provide expert surveys, planning, and design for bulk metering.
  • Consumption monitoring: We assess customer consumption and demand through monitoring and in-depth analysis.
  • Hydraulic expertise: Our services include investigations, monitoring, hydraulic modelling, and design for supply mains, zones, and district-metered areas (DMAs).
  • Corporate systems integration: We support integrating new, unified corporate systems such as the Geographical Integration System (GIS), telemetry, billing, smart metering, and work management.
  • Netbase solutions: We implement Netbase solutions as an integral part of your NRW reduction programme, ensuring ongoing management of the water network.
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The loss of water and its inefficient use not only leads to excessive energy consumption but also deprives communities of valuable resources, so to find out more about how Crowder Consulting can support you to optimise your water network and reduce NRW losses, please get in touch today.