Enhancing Water Network Efficiency through District Areas

At Crowder Consulting, we provide specialist services in District Area (DMA) sectorisation, helping water operators optimise their distribution networks for improved efficiency and sustainability. Our expertise and tailored solutions empower water utilities to detect leaks, allocate resources, reduce losses, enhance operational performance, and ensure the reliable delivery of clean water to customers.

DMA Sectorisation 1

How we can help you

  • DMA establishment: We assist water operators in sizing and establishing DMAs, considering network complexity, physical boundaries, and connection density.
  • Operability assessment: Our experts evaluate the feasibility of existing DMAs, ensuring they are efficient and effective in managing water resources.
  • Flow and demand balances: We conduct integrated flow and demand balances to provide a comprehensive overview of your network's performance.
  • Sub-division strategies: For large or complex DMAs, we implement sub-division strategies using permanent or temporary metering, data logging, and valving.
  • Leakage identification: We monitor night flow and pressures in sub-areas to pinpoint high leakage locations, facilitating targeted leak detection and repair.
  • Hydraulic modelling Our approach incorporates hydraulic modelling, boundary checks, and pressure and consumption logging to refine sub-division processes.
DMA Sectorisation 2
DMA Sectorisation - field work 1
DMA Sectorisation - field work 2
DMA Sectorisation - field work 3

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If you're looking to optimise your water distribution network, reduce leakage, and enhance operational efficiency through DMA sectorisation, our expert team is here to help you.

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