Reducing Losses through Effective Water Pressure Management

At Crowder Consulting, we understand network water pressures are controlled from the treatment works and source points to the trunk mains. The trunk system with service reservoirs and pumping stations supply the district areas. The district areas are discrete hydraulic areas with pressure variations that offer opportunities for implementing pressure management schemes.

By implementing pressure management schemes and optimising Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) across district areas (DMAs), water operators will benefit from reduced leakage, lower water treatment and pumping costs, and improved service as minimum pressure requirements can be consistently met.

Our Network Water Pressure Services

At Crowder Consulting, we provide effective solutions for minimum levels of service pressures and pressure reduction and optimisation. By utilising advanced analytical tools and processes to investigate and improve water pressure, we play a key role in enhancing the performance of existing PRVs and designing and implementing new pressure management schemes.

Our Water Pressure Management Services include:

  • Pressure monitoring: Analysing pressure levels in relation to customer service requirements and critical pressures.
  • Pressure improvement schemes: Devising solutions to optimise pressures in pressure-managed areas.
  • PRV audits: Evaluating the performance of existing PRVs and recommending enhancements.
  • PRV performance assessments: Field monitoring and analysis to assess PRV performance.
  • PRV type and setting determination: Identifying suitable types of PRVs and optimising their settings for fixed, stepped, and variable outlet pressures.
  • Integration with maintenance systems: Linking existing PRVs with the water operator's maintenance scheduling.
  • Zonal analyses: Identifying areas with potential pressure reduction and developing pressure management schemes.
Pressure Reduction _ Optimisation

Netbase Implementation

With the implementation of Netbase, our powerful suite of best-practice tools for monitoring, optimisation, and managing water networks, water operators gain invaluable access to comprehensive data for pressure management analyses and scheme development. Netbase offers a range of applications for strategic pressure schemes, service pressure levels, and hydraulic modelling of DMAs

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