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Managing water to make the world a better place.

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To use our global water industry expertise and reputation to be a leader in managing water to make the world a better place by providing digital solutions, consultancy and field services through innovation and strong trusted partnerships with our stakeholders to improve operational efficiency and satisfy strategic, regulatory and environmental commitments. 

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To be recognised as industry leaders in the global water sector through an empowered workforce operating in a modern collaborative working environment.

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Core Values

Industry Leaders

  To progress as industry leaders, we continuously improve the way we operate in order to evolve as people and as a company.

  Continually striving towards cutting edge solutions, using state of the art technology and raising industry experts.

  Define industry trends by anticipating the changing needs of stakeholders.


  As proactive thinkers we have the capability to create and implement new products and services by using up to date knowledge and modern technologies.

  Our inventive and outside the box thinking leads to innovative and successful solutions.


  Our passion is driven from the belief that we contribute to the resolution of ongoing issues of the finite resource – water.


  We encourage our people to take ownership to make the most efficient use of their skills.

  We have an empowered workforce with transparent communications supporting each other and our clients.

The Forefront of Change

We operate in a specialised market, and what distinguishes us is the effective integration of professional disciplines and skills in engineering consulting and field services, data management and analytics, software development and digitalisation. We strive to always add value to our services and solutions by maintaining an open line of communication with our clients.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of change in the industry in which we work. We intend to accomplish this through continuous development, innovation, and diversification in order to create practical services and solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology and industry best practises. Our core values and principles, which guide each of our employees' attitudes, behaviours, and decisions, are at the heart of what we do.