Transforming Water Network Management through our SaaS Platform

As a leading provider of global smart water network solutions, we are committed to providing effective solutions for water companies at home and abroad to optimise their network management, reduce leaks, and increase revenues.

Now, you can unlock the potential of water network management with the Netbase Digital Services Platform on AWS. Our innovative solution, which transforms the Netbase Water Network Management System into a dynamic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, offers several key advantages for water network operators seeking effective ways to optimise their management and improve service delivery:

Netbase Digital Services Platform 1-1

Benefits at a Glance

  • Comprehensive platform: Our platform solution encompasses infrastructure, third-party systems, and administrative overheads, eliminating the burden on water operators.
  • Advanced web applications: Access cutting-edge web applications and advanced analytics for streamlined network management activities by analysts, planners, and operators.
  • Rich data integration: Gain access not only to the platform’s rich data but also to smart technology data from cloud data sources that are essential for effective network management.

NetHub: Your Central Data Hub

At the heart of the Netbase Digital Services Platform is NetHub, an extensive digital data hub capable of processing and storing unlimited data across various types. NetHub seamlessly ingests water network data from Netbase's data hub/database through data pipelines.

In addition, smart technology data sources are integrated via APIs using vendors' gateways. These cloud data sources directly relate to Netbase's network areas, assets, and customers.

Powering Applications

Our NetOps and NetAlytics web applications leverage the wealth of network data, measured data, and cloud data sources ingested into NetHub:

  • NetOps operations support applications: All operational activity data generated in NetOps is stored and retrieved within NetHub.
  • NetAlytics advanced analytics: Data for advanced analytics in the NetAlytics applications and the resulting data outputs are also stored and retrieved within NetHub. This is made readily available for dashboards and provides valuable insights for NetOps.

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