Leakage Detection - Total reduction

Leakage Detection

At Crowder Consulting, our dynamic teams are experts in leak detection within water networks, with a multi-skilled field team which specialises in leakage investigation and an engineering team that is dedicated to analysis, planning, and management.

Trunk mains investigations and leakage surveys

Regular trunk mains investigations and leakage surveys are essential to ensure the efficiency and reliability of water distribution systems. At Crowder Consulting, our services include identifying and addressing discrepancies, optimising your system performance, and minimising water loss.

Trunk mains investigations without correlation points
Installing logger on hydrant

Hydraulic Modelling Field Tests

At Crowder Consulting, we specialise in offering hydraulic modelling field tests, a critical component in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of hydraulic models for water distribution systems by collecting real-world data and comparing measured flows, pressures, tank levels and pump pressures with model-generated values.

DMA Sectorisation

At Crowder Consulting, we provide specialist services in District Area (DMA) sectorisation, helping water operators optimise their distribution networks for improved efficiency and sustainability. Our expertise and tailored solutions empower water utilities to detect leaks, allocate resources, reduce losses, enhance operational performance, and ensure the reliable delivery of clean water to customers.

DMA Sectorisation 2
Meter Verification Surveys 1

Meter Verification Surveys

At Crowder Consulting, we specialise in providing comprehensive meter verification services to water operators, a crucial aspect of managing the efficient supply and distribution of water to customers. We know how important accurate flow measurements through bulk meters are for effective production and demand planning, as well as for operational efficiency and managing leakage and demand in District Areas (DMAs).

Water Efficiency initiatives

At Crowder Consulting, we understand that water operators are facing the growing pressures of supplying demand, population growth and the effects of climate change regarding water availability. This requires a strategic focus on resource optimisation and management, which encompasses reducing consumption and minimising water leaks. We are committed to working closely with network operators to drive water efficiency projects and empower customers to make sustainable choices that reduce their consumption and save money.

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Water Efficiency 6