24th Annual Leakage Conference 2023

On Monday 4th December and Tuesday 5th December 2023, some of our team attended the 24th Annual Leakage Conference in Birmingham.
As always, the conference provided opportunity for discussion on the latest developments and we enjoyed networking with other water industry professionals. It was interesting to hear about aspects that are shaping our industry to meet the leakage reduction targets of AMP7.

Day 1 took us through the Water UK Leakage Routemap, as well as Ofwat Innovation Fund Leakage Projects such as managing background leakage and using active sonar for leak detection.

Day 2 focused on research, technologies and innovation, impact of environmental change and smart resilience. The water companies shared their experiences of utilising smart meter data to determine dynamic consumption, customer side leakage, the potential of AI for supporting resilience and leakage management. We were also updated on a number of interesting leakage research projects that industry and academia are working together on, so we will eagerly await the results of those.

Leakage Conference 2023

This year, there was a focus on smart meter data and our flagship product Netbase, was referred to in a client presentation, as Netbase incorporates smart meter data for determining dynamic consumption and leakage in the network. We were happy to see the positive effects the software has had for the client, and look forward to future smart meter projects.

Thank you to all the presenters for sharing their knowledge, we gained valuable insight by listening to them across the 2 days.

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