AWS Summit 2024

The AWS Summit on April 24th in London, was filled with an exciting agenda which contained hands on workshops, keynote speakers and live demonstrations. It's interesting for us as software developers and pioneers, to listen to other experts in the field regarding the cloud, generative AI and platform analytics.

As a small business, it was brilliant to see that we operate similar to industry leading organisations that were at the summit. We are keeping up with the evolving cloud technologies on AWS as we have a hosted Netbase solution and cloud native services such as NetOps and NetAlytics. The main topic of conversation at the conference was AI and how it's shaping our world, specifically, how it is the biggest technological breakthrough since the Internet. It is encouraging to see that the architecture and design philosophies used by Crowders, are also being implemented and suggested by other more established cloud platforms.  

We look forward to seeing how we can utilise AI, to better the water industry.

AWS Summit London 2024