DTX Manchester 2022

Some of our team attended this years Digital Transformation EXPO (DTX) in Manchester, 27th-28th April. The expo showcased the latest technology and insight from the leading brands and experts.

  • Jasmine, one of our Information & Data Team Leaders, provided her feedback on the event: “This was my first time attending the IT digital transformation event in the UK. I have enjoyed the event, especially to physically experience today’s technologies and service provider companies, during these two days.
    I liked the DevOps and Cloud Transformation stages, the speakers shared their experience, strategies, and problems they are having today. This helped me to explore my knowledge and figure out new ways to solve problems in my work place. I also gained general knowledge about the collaboration software, security tools, and experience of the new cloud services at the expo. “
  • Ian, one of our Associate Directors thought the following: “I always enjoy going to the DTX Expo in Manchester, from speaking with vendors, to listening to the speakers.  This year the speaker sessions I went to were regarding cloud transformations routes that several companies have taken, some from transforming a couple of apps, to others with a big bang approach.  The other interesting part was the AWS stall which gave out free coffee, they had implemented the coffee shop from the skillsbuilder practitioner essentials training some of us have completed.”

    AWS-Coffee-Shop-1024x768 (1)