National Conference of Water Utilities Portugal

We attended the Biannual National Conference of Water Utilities (ENEG2023) in the city of Gondomar, in the North of Portugal on 27th to 30th November 2023. This 3 day event had over 800 participants, 50 speakers, 218 presentations and 82 exhibitors, and we were eager to network with them. This was the biggest event in the Portuguese water sector, where over 230 water utilities gathered to discuss the issues affecting the industry, together with the market's consultants, suppliers and contractors. The chosen motto for this years conference was A Cry for Water! and our Portuguese colleagues, Project Managers Francisco Piedade and Magui Faustino, spent most of their time attending the Water Efficiency presentations. They wanted to find out what is being done in the country to estimate, manage and reduce water loss to try and understand how Crowder solutions could help some of these issues. Both Francisco and Magui have worked in the UK for over 10 years, so being back in Portugal, and attending this conference gave them a good opportunity to understand who the current industry stakeholders are as a lot has changed since they last worked in Portugal.

They really enjoyed the intense 3 day event, where connections were established for possible future collaborations, which is exciting.

We look forward to the next conference in 2025.

Thanks ENEG!

ENEG2023 conference

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