TechCIWEM Certification


Congratulations to Edward Rutson, Tico Kromkamp, Johnathan Clark and David Warwick on becoming TechCIWEM members of CIWEM.

CIWEM is the only Royal Chartered professional body dedicated to the water and environment sector.  CIWEM’s Code of Conduct ensures that professionals are devoted to improving water and environmental management and all associated social and cultural issues.

CIWEM have recently relaunched their TechCIWEM membership grade, to make it more accessible and relevant.  The TechCIWEM qualification recognises the practical experience and knowledge our leakage technicians have gained in the water and environment sectors and acknowledges the skills that they have attained.  It gives technicians the opportunity to share expertise and grow their network.

Professional recognition is a way of setting the standard and demonstrating to the world our technicians’ skills and professional standard in the work that they undertake as a technician.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is a priority within the team at Crowders, and we encourage and support all employees on their career progression and journey to becoming Chartered.


“CIWEM: The process of applying for CIWEM gave me great insight into my own experience and skills. Membership will let me plan and document my career in the water industry and be more involved in the wider effort to improve the environment for everyone.”

“I have recently completed the TechCIWEM application and been accepted as a member. I enjoyed the whole process as it gave me the opportunity to review my career to date and what I have accomplished. It also highlighted what I do that helps to reduce leakage and have a positive impact on the environment. I now have assurance provided by this membership that I meet the high standards of CIWEM and adhere to their ethics. This is great for my personal development, giving me better opportunities to further my growth in the water industry with Crowder Consulting.”

“The TechCIWEM process helped me to recognise how my day to day work not only contributes to customer side delivery but more importantly how my role makes a difference to the environment in local and global scales. The reflective process of the application encouraged me to critically assess my work and build confidence in myself as a practitioner.”