Leakage Consistency Requirements Conference – July 2019

On the 3rd July 2019, we carried out a workshop within the Radisson Blue hotel in Liverpool which brought together practitioners and specialists from 8 Water Operators, for an update and review of the Netbase platform developments. This was to fully comply with Ofwat’s recommendations around Leakage Consistency as part of the Delivering Water 2020 Report.


Integrated water network management services

The Netbase water network and leakage management system represents a digital twin of the water operator’s network. It acts as a hub that is continuously updated with data. The data is integrated and analysed through a comprehensive range of best-practice applications covering the monitoring, leakage targeting, reporting, network management and modelling of water networks by the operator’s community of users.

The Netbase hub provides a water operator with a rich and unique view of their data, having been configured to represent their network of pipes, areas, assets and customers.

Our Netbase digital services platform extends the value and insights gained from this data, combined with data from other sources. It provides the advanced web-based technologies and solutions sought by water operators in managing their network and operational activities. Our Netbase hub and digital platform are continuously extended, enhanced and supported by a highly skilled team of developers, engineers and data scientists.