5 Reasons Why Netbase is the Best Solution for your Water Operations

Data on a screen to show why Netbase would be the best solution for water companies

Managing a water distribution network is a complex and challenging task that requires advanced tools and solutions. To ensure a reliable water supply, minimise leaks, and optimise operational efficiency, a comprehensive and integrated approach that utilises the latest digital technology is essential.

Therefore, at Crowder Consulting we have developed Netbase, a cutting-edge water network management system that promises to revolutionise the way you plan, manage, and optimise your water operations.

In this article, we’ll explore five reasons why Netbase is the best solution for your water operations.

Why Choose Netbase For Your Water Management?

⦁    Comprehensive data insights
Netbase acts as a digital twin of your water network, providing in-depth data analysis and real-time monitoring capabilities. With a holistic view of your network operations, you can make informed decisions and allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring optimum performance across the entire network. Faster and more targeted deployment of resources means a more responsive service that ensures high-quality service standards are maintained for customers.

⦁    Advanced leakage and pressure management
Water loss due to leakages and abnormal pressure levels can be incredibly costly and detrimental to your operations, particularly if your business fails to meet its leakage targets. Netbase's cutting-edge analysis and applications enable early detection of leaks and pressure anomalies, enabling you to take proactive measures to reduce water loss while maintaining supplies for customers at acceptable levels.

⦁    Optimised resource utilisation
Efficiently managing your operational resources is the key to cost-effective and sustainable water operations. Netbase allows you to proactively review network performance statuses, enabling effective planning for maintenance and repairs and ensuring the judicious use of resources. With the insights provided by Netbase, you can improve your response to emerging problems and allocate field resources more effectively to limit downtime and water losses.

⦁    Specialist applications for improved operational efficiency
Netbase offers a suite of specialist applications, including live upstream network schematics and analyses, hydraulic modelling, source abstraction monitoring, advanced predictive analytics, and operational web apps. These features will streamline your planning and operational processes, resulting in more cost-effective and resilient water networks.

⦁    Enhanced security
With a rapid increase in the number and frequency of cyberattacks against UK companies and infrastructure providers, safeguarding your water network data from crime has never been more important to ensure the safety and quality of your supply activities. Netbase incorporates robust security features which will provide you with peace of mind that your critical infrastructure is protected from potential security breaches.

Optimise Your Water Network With Netbase Solutions

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