What are the Benefits of an Effective Water Management System?

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The quality of the water network and services has been under the spotlight in recent months, particularly due to ageing infrastructure, water leaks, and high levels of pollution. Staying in control of the network and alert to emerging problems is critical for water companies to meet their service targets and avoid loss of revenues, regulatory fines, or reputational damage.

At Crowder Consulting, our water management system Netbase is an important tool that enables utility providers to meet the challenges head-on, the benefits of which we’ll explore in this article.

Staying Abreast of the Current Situation

A smart network management platform, such as Netbase, provides real-time insights into current network status and performance. Drawing data from monitoring points, sensors, customer reports, and field technician feedback, it continuously updates a centralised hub with the latest information on every asset, event, and operational parameter. Comprehensive visibility enables rich data analysis, with detailed insights into key performance areas such as leakage, pressure levels, and water quality.

Optimising Water Operations

An enhanced level of network intelligence empowers water network operators to take active steps to optimise operations, reduce losses, and improve service reliability. Operators have immediate access to vital monitoring data, hydraulic modelling capabilities, and tools for rapidly managing incidents like leaks or mains fractures. The ability to visualise areas of underperformance and identify root causes of network anomalies allows for proactive maintenance and targeted efficiency improvements.

Supporting Water Operational Management and Planning

Advanced planning is critical to ensure that the water network meets rising demand, particularly with expansions in housing stock. Netbase fully supports network planning, enabling water companies to utilise performance data, trends, and modelling to plan asset upgrades, manage water resources, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The ability to forecast issues and prioritise improvements based on risk enables a smarter capital planning approach that maximises investment impact and the return on investment.

Managing Leakage

Leakage control is one of the most important benefits of an advanced network management system. By integrating data streams such as flow monitoring, pressure management, and work orders, the Netbase software can rapidly pinpoint sources of water loss. Predictive analytics identify leak-prone areas for proactive repair, while real-time monitoring allows engineers to be promptly deployed to fix minor leaks before they escalate into larger problems.

Expediting an Emergency Response

Emergency response must be swift and targeted at the most serious problems in the water network. By unifying operational data with geographic information, water management systems provide a centralised, real-time view of unfolding events such as major leaks or flooding. Water companies are well-positioned and informed to assess the impact of problems, model contingencies, coordinate repair teams, and manage customer communications for an effective resolution.

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